So the success of the roll out event is getting even better, the team is getting more publicity and this time through local newspaper called Tamperelainen. You can read the story in page 30, from:…/ta…/_read/13.04.2016/106898.html

Rolling out to success

Yesterday was the roll out event of the FS016. The event was a success and thanks to everyone who were able to participate. Thank you to our team members, sponsors, TAMK staff and our amazing teachers, friends, family and all the others that have surrounded us with support. This weekend the team is resting after seven months of pushing ourselves to this result, next we are beginning to compound all the data and preparing to start the test season! And some pictures from yesterday:12910455_10208359325876440_694355627_n 12919534_10208359325796438_233121753_o12914933_10208359325636434_736424682_o

Let’s get the wheels in motion

Long time no see! A lot has happened among the team: People have migrated, car has advanced and the roll-out is very close. This event is where the team is presenting the finished car to sponsors and the members of TAMK staff. This is the absolute deadline to get the car up and running so time is coming to a close. This is where we are at this point:


Fog machines and dramatics

We are proud to present You the first episode of ‘road to FS016’. In the first episode our frame department leader Aleksi tells a bit about the making of the frame. In the video You can also see Eero and Arttu working on the frame and Roni (chassis department leader) introducing some ground work on chassis. What an amazing first overview on FS016, we can’t wait to see the next episode, how about You?

Watch it on Youtube:
[su_youtube url=”″ width=”1000″ height=”520″]

Nur Neun

WOW what an amazing Monday! What could be a better way to start the week than with the registration to Formula Student Germany. By far the hardest enrolment and TAMPERE UAS MOTORSPORT GOT IN! We were finished within nine minutes! Super amazing Monday to everyone, today is a perfect day to celebrate 🙂

Episode I

Team proudly presents an experiment that we came up with! We started filming mini series and post them to Youtube for everyone to watch. In the clips you spectators can see what really happens in the team and what we’re currently working on. First we posted the trailer of the series and you can watch it from: Hope you enjoy! Näyttökuva 2016-1-19 kello 18.50.53